Texas Sheriff Puts Cop Critics On Blast: 'It's Not the Job of the Officer To Raise Your Kid'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 27, 2021
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One Texas sheriff has had it with loud-mouthed activists blaming police officers for the inevitable result of bad parenting – and now, he’s saying it.

According to local reports, the Thorckmorton County Sheriff’s Office is putting on blast parents who want to hold public authority figures accountable for their own failures in raising their kids to be law-abiding members of society, telling them quite blunty that “it is not the job of the officer to raise your kid.” 

“IT IS NOT THE JOB OF THE OFFICER TO RAISE YOUR KID,” Throckmorton County Sheriff Doc Wigington wrote on Facebook. “Parents need to take responsibility for the actions of their FAILURE to raise their child to be respectful, responsible and listen to authority figures.”

“Little tip...sometimes your kid is wrong and needs to be disciplined,” he continued. “Jumping on teachers, coaches etc. All their life gives the kids a feeling they can do no wrong and they do not have to comply with authority figures. Parents need to be parents to their kids not their best friends.”

And he wasn’t done. Wiginton called out the multiple instances of teens who’ve been shot by police while brandishing weapons in just the past few weeks, including 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago and 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio.

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“In the news cycle over the last few weeks have been stories of young people being shot by police in some type of altercation or another,” Wiginton wrote. “The public is quick to jump on the officers involved stating a need for more training, better de-escalation tactics, and possibly shooting the subject in the leg.”

“Let me address these so called solutions,” he said. “First this is not the old west movies and a leg wound is just as serious as a shot to center mass. When the use of deadly force is warranted that is exactly what it is DEADLY FORCE, not flesh wound force, not any other words to describe it just deadly force.”

“Officers have to make decisions of life and death in a matter of seconds that attorney's, judges, and the general public can debate for years and possibly forever. It easy to post an opinion on social media as to 'how I would have handled it' instead of armchair quarterbacks we now have armchair police. If a person thinks they could handle the situation differently I encourage them to join an academy and become an officer,” Wiginton challenged.

Multiple high-profile leftists have criticized officers for using deadly force against teens wielding deadly weapons, even when those teens were actively threatening others' lives at the time they were shot. Liberal shrew Joy Behar ignorantly postulated that police should have fired into the air instead of shooting the teen, while Juan Williams suggested that cops fire a "warning shot" to "stall" while they attempt to physically wrestle the weapon from the assailant's hands.

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