Texas Rep. Is On a 4-Day Hunger Strike In Defense Of Sanctuary Cities

Brittany M. Hughes | April 26, 2017
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A Democrat state lawmaker in Texas is on a four-day hunger strike in protest of a bill that would ban Texas localities from prohibiting law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials.

Translation: Rep. Victoria Neave is refusing to eat because she thinks illegal aliens, particularly those who commit crimes in the United States, should be released to live footloose and fancy-free in America.

Apparently, Neave’s opinion that it’s A-O.K. to violate a sovereign nation’s immigration laws stems from the fact that her own father came into the United States illegally, before eventually becoming a citizen. If passed, she claims, the law will encourage racial profiling and will drive a wedge between illegal aliens and the police, leading to less reporting of crimes.

Now, she said she’s turning to God for a “miracle” that will help lawbreakers avoid the consequences of their actions. Via the Washington Post:

“I feel like this is an attack on my dad and millions of other families across our state,” she said in an interview Monday with The Washington Post. With the House debate only days away, Neave said she is “praying for a miracle.”

“What else can I do to defeat this bill?” she said. “The last alternative I thought I could turn to was prayer.”

Neave must have missed that verse in Romans, Chapter 13 that states: “Love never hurts a neighbor, so loving is obeying all the law.

The bill’s already made it past the Texas Senate, and will be voted on by the House on Wednesday.



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