This Texas Mom Is Suing Her Ex-Husband For Refusing to Believe Their Son Is a Girl

Brittany M. Hughes | November 27, 2018
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Texas dad has found himself in court after refusing to accept his ex-wife’s determination that their six-year-old son, James, is actually a girl - regardless of whether the little boy wants it or not.

In a bizarre story once fit only for the tabloids, The Federalist reports little James is caught between his parents’ differing ideas about his gender. When he’s with his dad, he’s a boy, a choice his dad says he makes willingly. 

When he’s with his mom, however, she insists he’s a girl – even to the point of dressing him up as one and calling him “Luna.” She’s also enrolled him as a girl in school, and reportedly won’t buy him anything other than female clothes. According to records, her own diagnoses was confirmed by a “gender transition therapist” that she herself chose.

But according to court documents, James only accepts his supposed female alter ego when he’s with his mom. Under legal mandate, James’ father says he’s even offered his son female clothes when James is at his house – clothes his dad says he “violently refuses.” Even friends of the family say James shows no signs of identifying as a girl when he’s with them, happily labeling himself a boy and even refusing to go to public events dressed as a girl.

Even still, the mom’s now going after her ex-husband for refusing to accept James’ supposed female identity, regardless of whether it’s an identity James even wants. In the couple’s divorce proceedings, James’ mother has charged his father with child abuse for not treating James as a girl, and has even asked for a restraining order against him and is now seeking to terminate his parental rights

What’s more, she’s also trying to legally force James’ father to pay for their son’s visits to a pro-trans therapist, as well as transgender medical treatment like dangerous hormone therapy.

James’ family has set up a website called "Save James" to try and save the little boy from a dangerous misdiagnosis that could lead to severe medical intervention.

Or, as those of us who still retain a shred of sanity call it, child abuse.