Texas Congressman Says Americans Are Sick Of Woke Sports

Jay Maxson | March 27, 2022
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In an interview with Breitbart Sports, Cong. Roger Williams says enough already with the woke nonsense in sports. The Texas Republican, a former college baseball player and the current manager of the Republican baseball team, said we don’t need to destroy our rich American history with wokeness in sports. 

Rep. Williams, who was drafted by Major League Baseball, spoke about how big sports are in the U.S. and how much it upsets him to see “a lot of woke in anything.” America has some good and bad, but we learn from both. He commented further by stating: 

“And I think to the extent sports can get out of politics is the best thing, as Americans have long viewed sports as an escape — something wokeness has completely destroyed. 

“People want to go to a baseball game or hockey game, football game, and they want to enjoy the game and root for their team. They don’t want politics involved.” 

The congressman said politics and social justice should have no part of sporting events. Athletes have free speech rights, but many have crossed the line, he contends. 

“But at the same time, I think there’s a point in time, you do not kneel for the national anthem,” Cong. Williams said. “I don’t think you wear Black Lives Matter across your shirt. That sends a political statement that fans don’t want to jack with, quite frankly.” 

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Speaking of which, 15th-seeded St. Peters is the Cinderella darling of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, but its players are wearing Black Lives Matter warm-up shirts. They are free to do so, but when sports teams back the Marxist organization it sours a lot of fans. 

“Players need to play, and let the people of America decide politically where they want to go,” Williams continued in the interview with Hannah Bleau. “So I’m disappointed in some of the things I see on the athletic fields and disappointed in some of the things players say, but there’s also a lot of players who get it.” 

Cong. Williams credited athletes who serve in great ways. “But we don’t need to be having political statements on the court. We don’t need the political statement on the pitcher’s mound. We don’t need political statements on our jerseys. Let’s play for our country, let’s play for our fans, let’s play for our mom and dad, let’s play for our school,” he said, calling for the days of ‘normality’ to make a comeback.” 

Woke activities in sports really revved up in 2016 when then San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeled during pregame national anthem renditions. He claimed America is an oppressive nation and police officers are racist. His activism spread far and wide and turned off many sports fans. 

The woke activism further ramped after the killing of George Floyd and the police shooting of Jacob Blake, which led to multiple teams boycotting games. Approval ratings of professional sports have plummeted as a result of teams and athletes going so woke. 

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