Texans Fire HC After Horrible Season, Progressives Claim Racism

John Simmons | January 10, 2023
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With the conclusion of the 2022 NFL regular season this past weekend, a slew of head and assistant coaches have been fired as teams that missed the playoffs look for better candidates to lead their teams.

The Houston Texans are one such team, and after finishing with the worst record in the AFC at 3-13-1, the organization fired head coach Lovie Smith. 

This should be the end of the story. But because Smith is black, the progressive sports media doesn’t think so.

Multiple people at ESPN have accused Houston of racist hiring practices, including NFL analyst Robert Griffin III and “Around the Horn” co-host Dennis Brown Jr., the latter of whom said the Texans purposefully set up Smith to fail.

To provide a little context, the Texans are horrible. They have a combined 7-27-1 record in the past two years and have a dearth of talent on their roster. When he accepted the position last off-season, Smith must have known he was going into a dead end job.

But honestly, he should be thankful he got the job in the first place. Smith’s prior coaching experience at both the professional and college level was unimpressive. He had only three playoff wins in 12 prior seasons as head coach in the NFL, and in his four-plus seasons as head coach for the University of Illinois he amassed a paltry 17-39 overall record and a 10-33 Big Ten record.

Frankly, the only reason Smith got the job at all was because the media bullied the Texans into thinking that hiring Josh McCown, a former pro quarterback who is currently a high school coach, was racist because he was white. 

“The Texans knew they were going to get ridiculed for hiring McCown with no college or NFL coaching experience. Hiring him at the expense of a more experienced minority became a deal-breaker, so they reached out to Smith,” John McClain of the Houston Chronicle wrote shortly before the Texans hired Smith.

To be fair, hiring an inexperienced high school coach would have likely been a bad decision, and despite Smith’s poor resume, anyone with NFL coaching experience would be a better fit. But even after progressives got their wish of seeing a black coach get a head coaching job in the NFL, they complained the second he was fired. Maybe they should consider Smith was fired because he’s not a good coach and likely wouldn’t have made the franchise any better and that racism wasn't involved?

That didn’t matter to Stephen. A. Smith, who said that any black coaching candidate shouldn’t even remotely consider taking the Texans job if offered (this is also coming from the same guy who said that ESPN is getting too political).

So not only is he continuing to feed the problem he says exists within his company, but he is now begging black coaches to limit the opportunities that can have at leading NFL teams. I can't be the only one who sees that as ridiculous.

Texans general manager Nick Caserio said that the search for the next long-term coach for Houston will not be determined by skin color, but the expertise and credentials of the person.

“In the end, it’s not about race, it’s about finding quality coaches … All I can do is be honest and forthright, which I’ve done from the day that I took this job,” Caserio said. “And I’m going to continue to do that and try to find the coach that makes the most sense for this organization.”

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