Terrifying Giant Puppets Used to Attack Koch Bros. At GOP Debate

danjoseph | November 2, 2015
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Halloween has come and gone, but liberal protesters at last week's GOP Debate in Boulder, Colo., created some of the scariest costumes MRCTV had ever seen and were walking the streets of downtown Boulder trying to bring attention to GOP candidates who may take campaign donations from the hated Koch Brothers during this campaign cycle.

I say "may" because, as of right now, no candidate has done so.

But the group that calls themselves "The GOP has a Koch problem," didn't let that fact stand in the way of walking gigantic paper maché puppets of Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush through town to draw attention to the fact that these presidential hopefuls MIGHT, someday, take money from the wealthy donors.

The group even went to the trouble of flying a small airplane with a banner attached sporting the #GOPHASAKOCHPROBLEM hashtag over the city during the debate. 

I confronted the group's leader outside of a GOP event and talked to her a little bit about what she was trying to accomplish by gallivanting through the city with these puppet monstrosities. 

Given all the work these amateur puppeteers put into demonizing the Kochs at the GOP debate, it would appear that they are in fact the ones with the "Koch problem" -- not the GOP candidates who stand to receive money from the wealthy philanthropists in the upcoming election cycle. 

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