'Terra Carta': King Charles Takes Throne As Leader of Climate Cult

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 12, 2022
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With the vigor and focus of a much younger man, 73-year-old Prince Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor took the monarchical throne of Great Britain vacated by his deceased mother, Elizabeth II, upon her death on Thursday, September 8. He fills the seat (technically ruling over England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Canada and Australia) as the oldest installed king in English history, and his ascent denotes another important transition:

This is the induction of a Climate Cult globalist who openly has expressed his desire for a supra-national world state and world military that would far exceed the old Pax Brittanica (aka “British Peace” – which was far from peaceful) under Queen Victoria.

Outstripping the dreams of physical and financial rule over much of the globe that the British royalty, military, corporations, spies, and banking apparatus established during Victoria’s 63-year reign, Charles – now known as King Charles III – is ready to embark on his plan for what could plausibly be called his Pax Climatica, a Hermetic, pseudo-religious, hierarchical control of the world’s energy resources, property, economies, communications, money, medicine, and people that he foreshadowed numerous times.

It was June 3, 2020, when Charles tied unsupportable Climate Change fearmongering to pandemic fearmongering, introducing that year’s gathering of Klaus Schwab’s infamous Build-Back-Better meddlers of the World Economic Forum, and stating in a video:

“Unless we take the action necessary, and we build, again, in a greener, more sustainable, more inclusive way, then we will end up having more and more pandemics, and more and more disasters, from ever-accelerating global warming and climate change. So, this is the one moment, as you all say, to, to, to, make as much progress as we can.”

In November, last year, Charles stood before the “COPS 26” UN Climate Change gathering in Scotland (the one hosted by then-Prime Minister and COVID lockdown hypocrite Boris Johnson, to which many attendees arrived via private jets and charged their electric cars with gas-power generators) and called for a global carbon tax and “military-style” campaign to enforce international climate diktat compliance.

“Here we need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector. With trillions at its disposal, far beyond global GDP and with the greatest respect beyond even the governments of the world’s leaders, it offers the only real prospect of achieving fundamental economic transition.”

Curiously, no one asked Charles to define “fundamental economic transition,” but, as a guy who teaches economics, the idea sounds pretty fascistic and centrally planned to me. Likewise, no one asked him how much “military style” force would be applied to the “global private sector,” as he outrageously termed it, or how much “military style” force would be “marshaled” against citizens of various nations to cough up more tax money for said “military style campaign” or -- should the globalists want to “entice” members of the “global private sector” – how much tax cash would be transferred to crony, corporate, Climate Cult friends of now King Charles and Klaus Schwab.

Obsessively talking about “laying the foundations for a sustainable future,” Charles never acknowledged that free markets are controlled by the rules of personal valuation, division of labor, efficiency, competition, cutting of waste, discovery of better methods, energy savings, and growing living standards, in addition to being run via freedom of association – all of which are immorally and inefficiently smothered by political commands.

Instead, he joined the front line of globalists who thirst for an inversion of human betterment, a top-down, politically-ordained, materialist revamping of the Anglican Church into what arguably can be said to be a Church of the Earth, where he, members of the United Nations and World Economic Forum, and various high-level politicians and corporate/banking heads will be the high priests and priestesses, decreeing what will be environmental sin, and ordaining the sanctity of your carbon-tithe taxes, prohibitions, and “regulations” (really, more prohibitions).

It represents an inversion of values so profound that Charles actually has introduced a reversal of the 807-year-old Magna Carta signed in 1215 by King John.

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After John’s loss in battle against fed-up lower castes at Runnymede in Surrey, the king of England was compelled by local English leaders (known as the “lesser magistrates” in Biblical parlance) to sign this Archbishop of Canterbury-penned refutation of the so-called “unlimited monarchical power.” And since that time, the Magna Carta (Latin for “Great Charter”) has recognized the rights of all citizens and acknowledged that no man – not even a king – is above the laws of God.

Charles wants none of that. He has a new, technocratic charter – one ostensibly recognizing the “rights of the Earth,” which, of course, is written by men, because the “Earth” has no rights. Rights are hands-off parameters between man, granted to us by God.

Perversely introduced March 25, 2021, in the former home of Greek pantheism of Athens – which subsequently became the first city to adopt it -- Charles’ “Terra Carta” is a 17-page coda, a declaration of rights for Gaia.

Meaning, it’s a document written by men telling other men what they can and cannot do, the latter no longer free men, but subjects of a global order that "knows better, sees better, and manages lives better" than the people actually living those lives and interacting with others – all of whom are supposed to have equal rights to life, property, speech, and association that royal technocrats cannot wipe away with the illusion of “Earth rights” that they make up.

In his “Terra Carta,” Charles tells us of a new initiative, which, again, is really fascism behind a rhetorical mask:

“Over the coming years, my Sustainable Markets Initiative will report on and update the Terra Carta regularly in order to reflect the rapid pace of change and the continuous progress being achieved around the world.”

That “sustainability” includes the ubiquitous call for “zero carbon emissions” by 2050 that the UK government already adopted in 2019, and which isn’t looking too quaint in England, now that the nation faces austere energy problems, insane, supply-hampering attempts to “cap” prices, and, as Boris Johnson called it, a “harsh winter”. In Charles’ view, people need not worry… They need “Net Zero” and reliance on unreliable and expensive solar and wind, rather than cheap, storable, portable, available, oil, coal, and natural gas:

“Acknowledge the need for net zero commitments to be achieved by 2050 and, where possible, much sooner. Setting more ambitious timelines will emphasize and catalyze immediate action while encouraging continuous innovation and improvement.”

No word on whether he wrote that while flying in his private jet, fueled by a petroleum product.

And, in great feudal fashion, Charles is ready to bestow his blessing of world-extracted graft on those “industries” and those “workers” who play along:

“Acknowledge that the required global trajectory is a sustainable one, where the private sector has a critical role to play. To accelerate along this trajectory, a ‘future of industry’ and ‘future of economy’ approach must be taken.”

Because, of course, the new King of England should be the one leading the Pax Climatica -- hegemonic, across the globe -- and he knows best.

By the way, if anyone thinks this is not fascism, try on this “brown-shirt” segment from his “Terra Carta”:

“Recognize that to scale sustainable solutions and investment, crossborder and longer term ‘mega’ projects need to be explored, underscoring the importance of public, private and philanthropic collaboration.”

And one of those “mega” projects might just be population reduction, something Charles has pushed for years, and which his father, Prince Philip, entertained so wholeheartedly he was quoted as saying that if he could be reincarnated, he would want to come back to Earth as a deadly virus.

Charming chaps.

Now, Charles is in charge, ready to muster the tax-derived, colonialist, corporatist British government and its ties to international organizations like Schwab’s World Economic Forum to entice cronies and impose on us serfs a new “environmental-social” governance scheme that stands in utter contravention to every achievement for liberty man has ever seen.

Didn’t Americans fight a war two centuries ago to get away from this wickedness?

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