‘TERF’! Bookbinder Removes J.K. Rowling’s Name From Harry Potter

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | January 12, 2023
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I’m not too sure that Harry will be able to get her out of this one. 

Laur Flom, a bookbinder with an agenda, has begun removing J.K. Rowling’s name from Harry Potter novels and replacing the books with new covers due to Rowling’s alleged “transphobia.” Flom is also charging £140 or about $159 per re-covered book. 

The original book sells for about £8 online but for the new version with the only difference being Rowling’s name removed, the price is more than 17x more expensive.

According to GBNews, Flom supposedly acquired a “bad taste” in his mouth when he heard that Rowling didn't support transgender ideologies. She believes the scientifically proven fact that we’re born either a male or a female and shouldn’t try to alter that. 

The artist supposedly rips out the cover page from the book and then replaces it with different pieces of “artwork.” He also rebinds the book with a plain cover that excludes Rowling’s name. 

People really do search for just about anything to be offended by these days. 

It seems kinda weird to be removing the name of an author from a book that she wrote but, I guess not weird enough to not happen. 

Rowling has been under scrutiny the last few years over being a so-called “terf” (trans exclusionary radical feminist). Basically she’s a feminist who believes that only biological females are actual females. 

Can't say I blame her.

In the past, Rowling has called out “trans activists” for threatening to “rape” and “assassinate” her. One time Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, apologized to the trans community for Rowling's “controversial” tweets. He failed to remember that without Rowling, he’d basically be a nobody.

Most recently, in December 2022, Rowling was pressed over personally launching a charity called “Biera’s Place” to help female rape victims. Apparently, because she didn’t want men in the shelter as they were the ones that were the rapists, she was brought under fire. If you’re stunned at the lefts lunacy, join the party.

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It’s no doubt that Rowling will combat the artist’s attempts to piss her off with some sarcasm and a “couldn’t care less” attitude. She did the same in October when someone asked her how she slept at night knowing she lost fans. At the time she replied with “I read my most recent royalty cheques and the pain goes away pretty quickly.” #savage

Hate to rain on your parade (ok, I lied, I don’t hate it that much) but regardless of whether the book says “J.K. Rowling” on the front cover or not, it’s still her work. You're still absorbing everything she wrote down.

Suck it.

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