Tenn. Considers ‘Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday’

Eric Scheiner | February 10, 2017
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A bill introduced in Tennessee on Wednesday would make it cheaper to buy a gun for one weekend of the year in that state, with a special tax-free event.

Surprisingly - a county Democratic official opposes the idea.

WJHL reports, State Rep. Dennis Powers, introduced House Bill 744 or “Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday”. The measure would remove the sales tax on guns and ammunition during the first weekend of September. The proposal is similar to the tax-free back-to-school holiday weekend Tennessee holds at the end of the summer.



“We’re ecstatic about it, it would be great for our business,” Tri-Cities Gun Depot Co-Owner, Tommy Isaacs told WJHL.

Isaacs even said his shop would reduce prices for what he’s calling “back to school for hunters.”

Nancy Fischman, Chair of the Washington County Democratic Party would like to see lawmakers focus on other issues.

“Why doesn’t he propose a sales tax holiday for groceries? You have to eat but you don’t have to buy a gun,” Fischman tells WJHL.

If the “Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday,” were passed - it would take effect this September, joining similar Second Amendment Sales Tax Holidays in Louisiana and Mississippi.


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