Teens Force Way Into Home, Attack Resident– But Homeowner Was Armed

Eric Scheiner | June 20, 2022
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Police in East Hartford Connecticut say two teens went into an area home and physically attacked a resident, who was armed with a handgun and fired, killing the two invaders.

WTIC-TV reports the two males, aged 15 and 16, forcibly entered the home last week and their attacked the resident causing minor injuries. The handgun used was registered to the resident and he reportedly cooperated with officials.



"We're treating this as a home invasion type incident where two males came into the home. And it appears to be a case of self-defense at this time, where the homeowner was a legal owner of the firearm," Officer Marc Caruso of the East Hartford Police Department said.

The teens that entered the home were shot in the living room. Both were pronounced dead at nearby area hospitals.

"It appears as though the homeowner had no knowledge of his attackers," Caruso said.

Connecticut does not have a “stand your ground” law, but it appears that no charges have been filed against the homeowner at this time.

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