Teen Vogue Paints Women Who've Had Abortions as Heroes

Michael Ippolito | June 24, 2022
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The act of abortion is one of the most demoralizing and inhumane acts that one can commit. But the left doesn’t see it that way - instead, the pro-abortion crowd depicts ending the life of a living, preborn baby as not only neceesary, but heroic.

In a particularly egregious piece, Dina Gachman, a writer for the left-wing cesspool Teen Vogue and whose audience consists of underage girls, paints one young woman framed Makayla Montoya Frazier, who had an abortion, as a hero for the pro-death movement. 

Gachman writes how, at just 16 years old, Frazier left her poor home life and moved in with her grandparents in San Antonio, Texas, where she worked as a stripper and engaged in left-wing advocacy.

By 19 years old, she was pregnant, and did what the left convinced her was best.

First, she visited the town’s crisis pregnancy center. , which Gachman depicts as a scene from a horror movie. 

“They often attempt to misdirect and dissuade people from accessing an abortion through misleading information and scare tactics,” Gachman writes. “They hand out free goods and some tout unethical, unproven procedures like ‘abortion pill reversal.’”

Of course, Gachman ignores that those “free goods” include ultrasounds, counseling services, parenting help, and resources for moms like formula, clothing, and other baby items. And the “abortion pill reversal”? It’s been shown to be effective.

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According to Gachman, Makayla said she was angry when the crisis pregnancy center wanted the father of her child, who was waiting outside, to be there for the ultrasound.

“They didn’t give me a choice,” she says. “They took that away from me and brought him in.” 

“It made me want an abortion more because they did not recognize my body as my body,” she added, parroting leftist talking points. “They just saw my body as a vessel.” 

Makayla and Gachman then describe the abortion death camps as welcoming places with feminist quotes and colorful walls, when, in truth, the horrors these clinics hide are unspeakable.

Makayla, who has a heart tattoo with the word “abortion” on it and wears a necklace sporting the names of two abortion pills, has since had two more subsequent abortions, showing that she has still fallen prey to leftist propaganda. She now runs a fund to help other women get abortions, saying she’s “not scared of being arrested or sued one day, because doing this work, to her is too important. It’s worth it.” 

It seems what was once “safe, legal and rare” has become “common, brave, and celebrated.”