Teen Vogue Fawns Over $710 Feminist T-Shirt

ashley.rae | July 3, 2017

(Image source: Saks Fifth Avenue)

For teenagers, feminism is the latest designer fashion statement.

On Friday, Teen Vogue fawned over pop singer Demi Lovato for wearing her “We Should All Be Feminists” shirt. There is one catch: the shirt is a $710 plain white Dior t-shirt, which makes it unaffordable for the majority of their readership, most of America, and any woman allegedly impacted by the wage gap.

Teen Vogue also mentioned other celebrities, whose individual net worth stretches into the millions, who wore the shirt, including Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, and Rihanna. Teen Vogue also wrote an entirely different article when model Karlie Kloss wore the shirt back in May.

According to Teen Vogue, this $710 shirt is a huge win for feminism and the idea of equality:

“This shirt and its loyal celebrity following mark a big step forward for getting people on board with feminism. Too many people still have the idea that feminism is anti-man or not needed. In reality, feminism is simply the belief in gender inequality. And since we have a long way to go before that's achieved, everyone can – and should – be a feminist.”

It is unclear how often men wear shirts that cost $710 to support a political message.

Teen Vogue recently wrote an article obsessing over a $100 plain white t-shirt that reads, “Women are smarter," claiming it was worn by pop sensation Harry Styles (it is unclear whether Styles did, in fact, wear the shirt).

Despite the appeal for equality and the claim that “women are smarter,” Teen Vogue is promoting clothing that is inaccessible for the majority of people — including women. On Amazon, there are listings for a similar $14.99 “We Should All Be Feminists” shirt, along with a $19.95 “Women are Smarter" shirt that would be more in tune of the message of women being oppressed by inequality and unable to afford luxury items.

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