Teen Vogue Claims SCOTUS Illegitimate, Suggests Packing the Court

Wallace White | June 16, 2022
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The Roe V. Wade draft leak has the woke mob roused for a fight, going so far as to attempt to murder duly-appointed justice, Brett Kavanaugh. Now Teen Vogue, that publication of intellectuals, argues that SCOTUS itself is an illegitimate court, and suggests packing it, all because they’re evil conservative meanies. 

Abortion is the new current thing in the media cycle, and the liberals have taken the opportunity to attack enduring American institutions because they don’t bend to their whims. Molly Coleman and Tristin Brown of Teen Vogue join the chorus of lefties in arguing that the “current Supreme Court is illegitimate.” 

They argue that Trump’s appointment of pro-life justices is a “bad faith” practice and that Clarence Thomas’ decision in Trump v. Thompson proves the “current Supreme Court’s illegitimacy.” As if one dissent on a case that didn’t even go his way invalidates the plethora of other decisions made by SCOTUS. The “conflict of interest” argument for the left is always aimed at justices they don’t like. Of course, activist justices like Sotomayor are never asked to recuse by the left when it's clear they have an agenda

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The alarmist instinct is alive and well in this piece, as they claim that “Six conservative lawyers in robes are poised to massively upend life in the United States.” and that “abortion is just the beginning.” Nothing like a good panic to incite the mob into extremist activity. This kind of talk already made a lone gunman nearly kill a justice. Their inflammatory rhetoric certainly doesn’t help defuse tension.

In their most daft proclamation, Coleman and Brown advocate for packing the court with 4 more justices and having the audacity to call it “structurally reforming the Court.” 

It’s a leftist power grab. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. 

Like clockwork, they end on the cliché platitude about our “democracy depending on it.” 

The court has always been a target of the left, and they will not stop until it bends to their will. Liberals want activists on the bench. Conservatives want lawyers. The only threat to the legitimacy of The Supreme Court of the United States is liberals and their thirst for power at any cost. 


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