Ted Cruz Gets White Claw Can Thrown at Him During Astros World Series Parade, Says Attacker Had a 'Noodle for an Arm'

Nick Kangadis | November 8, 2022
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Well, in the course of just a few years, activists — and just leftists in general — have gone from throwing milkshakes at politicians and people who don’t toe the establishment line to throwing cans of mediocre at best drinks.

During Monday’s parade celebrating the Houston Astros baseball team’s World Series championship victory over the Philadelphia Phillies, some wackadoo decided to throw a can of White Claw at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) who was waving to the crowd as part of the parade.

Cruz is a big baseball fan and could be seen at most Astros playoff games this postseason.

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“As always I'm thankful for the Houston Police and Capitol Police for their quick action,” Cruz wrote in a Facebook post. “I’m also thankful that the clown who threw his White Claw had a noodle for an arm.”


Cruz looked like he was trying to catch the can, but one of his security guards got in the way preventing Cruz from possibly looking like a boss by catching the drink and maybe even cracking it open and drinking it in the face of the tool who threw it.

Regardless, this is just another example of the “tolerant left” and the completely normal them things they do when they encounter something or someone they don’t like.


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