Ted Cruz Fires Back at Twitter After Social Media Giant Refers to Its Own Platform as 'Essential Human Right'

Nick Kangadis | June 7, 2021

Social media companies increasingly see their platforms as the arbiters of morality — as long as that morality lines up with their political and social justice stances. Twitter is perhaps the most egregious offender of censoring those who they deem offensive. But they also apparently believe that access to their platform is “an essential human right” — again, only when it fits their agenda.

Twitter, the same company that banned a sitting president from their platform, responded to the federal government of Nigeria’s move to “indefinitely” suspend Twitter operations in their country by calling basically saying it’s a violation of “human rights” to prevent people from using their platform.

Here’s Twitter’s response:

Twitter might not be aware, but there are other forms of communication that people can relay messages and talk to one another on. 

In response to Twitter’s response, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) pointed out that Twitter seems to be selectively determining who is afforded the “human right” to use Twitter.

“Curious,” Cruz began his tweet. “In Twitter’s own words, they are willfully denying Donald Trump ‘an essential human right in modern society.”

Twitter has no problem removing government officials from their platform. But, when a government essentially bans them, all of sudden it’s a human rights violation.

Don’t worry, Twitter will probably give their “guidelines” another update that will push their censorship of dissent even further than it was before.

H/T: RedState