Teaching Environmental Extremism: The 'Environmental Police Agency'

Stephen Gutowski | May 12, 2010
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A middle school just outside of San Bernardino, California submitted a disturbing video to a California State University at San Bernardio environmental expo. The video features middle school students dressed up as the "Environmental Police Agency" going around arresting "non-environmentalists" who commit crimes against the planet. As if this extreme imagery weren't enough the kids are seen yelling things like "mess with the earth, you'll get the turf" and "to all you non-environmentalists, the earth is coming for you". Check out this shortened version of the video (full version here):

The video itself was created by Jehue middle school's video production group called Jaguar Productions. They claim that they won 3rd place in the multimedia competition at the Environmental Expo at California State University (San Bernardino campus) where "the video was a hit with everyone from environmentalists to security officers". However the ties to the California State University go even deeper than that.

Listed on Jaguar Productions' site as sponsors are both the California State University at San Bernardino and its "Gear Up" Program. The Gear Up program is described as a "fifteen million dollar plus grant continues to provide services to our cohort of students as they move from 7th grade through 12th grade". Meaning that the California State University system provided money to Jehue middle school which apparently used at least some of it to make a threatening and disturbing video advocating for the arrest of "non-environmentalists". A video which featured several of Jehue's teachers and students and was then submitted to a California State University environmental expo where it was praised and presented with a prize.

This amounts to a shocking misuse of taxpayer money which was funneled through several educational institutions where it was eventually put towards indoctrinating children. Though the goal clearly wasn't just to indoctrinate them but also to use them as a pawn to call for radical environmentalist policies. In fact, on one of Jaguar Productions' sites explaining the video they make it clear that while the video is a bit tongue in cheek it's purpose is to ask "what if we started arresting people for the damage they do to our environment? Maybe then they'd start thinking twice about global warming".

Apparently some in the education system believe that this kind of extreme indoctrination is not only worthy of tax payer money but also promotion and prizes. However, it is doubtful that the majority of Americans would ever support the making of this video or the spending of their money on it. This video is disturbing but, sadly, it is again doubtful that this is entirely uncommon as indoctrination is quite common in our public schools anymore.

If we ever hope to change the atmosphere in our educational system and stop despicable things like the production and promotion of this video then we must be vigilant and expose instances of indoctrination and extremism. We must seek out the insanity and question those in authority until the people responsible for this kind of indoctrination are actually held responsible for their actions. It is only through the activism of people concerned about our educational system that we can change and improve it.