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Teachers From Across the U.S. Gather In San Diego For Free Gun Training


Teachers and administrators from across the country gathered in San Diego Sunday to attend a free gun training event co-hosted by San Diego County Gun Owners, a pro-Second Amendment PAC, and retailer Discount Gun Mart.

Organizers of the event emphasized their focus on educating teachers about firearms, not engaging in partisan debates.

“The overall purpose is to give back to those who care and educate our children," said Wendy Hauffen of San Diego County Gun Owners. "This event will teach our teachers about safety, defensive strategies and awareness, and answer any questions educators may have about safe and responsible firearms ownership."

One teacher stressed the importance of such a training in an interview with Fox 5 San Diego.

“No matter how many laws they pass, the guns aren’t gonna go away,” Marjorie Archivald said. “But to learn the laws behind the guns and what needs to be done in the correct way, is really important for a teacher."

“I think it’s important maybe to have someone on campus that has the ability to de-trigger these kind of situations,” she added.

As MRCTV reported last month, there is a growing demand of gun trainings for teachers. And while groups like San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention voiced their opposition to arming teachers in schools, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for anti-gun groups to ignore teachers across the country who say they're ready, willing, and able to arm themselves on the job.

The San Diego County Gun Owners said they plan to host another event in the fall.

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