Teachers Ask for Halt on Loudoun County Schools’ Woke Trans Policy

Matt Philbin | August 23, 2021
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How bad are things in Loudoun County VA schools? Well, they’re litigating reality. 

Three LCPS teachers have asked a judge to temporarily halt enforcement of the “Rights of Transgender and Gender-Expansive Students,” policy handed down by the county’s woke leftist school board earlier this month over the outraged objection of parents.

According to Emily Zantow of The Washington Times, “The group specifically takes issue with part of the policy that states ‘staff shall allow gender-expansive or transgender students to use their chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their consistently asserted gender identity without any substantiating evidence, regardless of the name and gender recorded in the student’s permanent educational record.’

So if lil’ Bobby Jackson claims to identify as Zippy the Falafel, teachers have to discover and employ the currently acceptable pronouns for fried chickpeas. 

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The teachers say that being forced to indulge Zippy would “violate their deeply held religious beliefs by speaking and affirming falsehoods.”

You see -- and try to stay with me here because this gets complicated: 

“Plaintiffs believe that God creates each person as male or female; that the two distinct and complementary sexes reflect the image of God; and that adopting a gender identity inconsistent with sex rejects God’s image and design for a person and does harm to that person,” the 21-page motion filed on Friday states.

Crazy, right? What do they have to back them up? A few thousand years of Judeo-Christian theology and tradition? Oh, and biology. But what’s that compared to virtuous certainty of the Loudoun County School Board?

The teachers offered a “‘less-restrictive’ form of the policy, in which they would adhere to student requests to call them by a certain name or to not use certain pronouns. But lefty true believers like the school board don’t compromise.

“The educators are represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, a faith-based legal nonprofit,” Zantow writes. And best of luck to them. If biology, civilization and the will of parents weren’t enough to stop a garbage policy, luck’s all they can hope for. 


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