Tea Party Crashers: A Smirking Mess

Stephen Gutowski | April 19, 2010
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As we inch ever closer to political disaster for the left they grow increasingly desperate. The latest outgrowth of that desperation is an effort to completely discredit the Tea Party movement. And the latest tactic from that outgrowth is a pathetic attempt at distortion and slander through infiltration. That tactic is known as the crash the Tea Party movement. The goal of those involved is to “disrupt and derail” Tea parties by attending their events and posing as Tea Party members while spewing hateful nonsense to the all to willing dupes in the media. Unfortunately for the left the crash the Tea Party movement was even more of a bust than the over hyped media darling that is the coffee party. Fortunately I was able to catch up with three crashers. They were dressed like Fall Out Boy fans who hadn’t showered in three weeks and carried signs that said “Stop Socialized Medicine Shut Down Military Hospitals”. They claimed that God is “sick of all these communists coming around saying we should give socialist medicine to the troops”. They supposedly liked Ron Paul because he “says no to everything”. And they purported to believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Perhaps this was their first time acting but boy were they terrible. Not only could they not stop smirking but they were on the verge of giggling the entire time. They also had an uncanny knack for sounding exactly like you would imagine a far left nut imitating a Tea Party member would. See for yourself:

Of course the sad reality for liberals is that smirky hipsters won’t save them in November. The simple fact is that the American people don’t like the Obama administration’s radically liberal policies and no amount of deception and slander will change that. I hate to break it to you liberals but the American people are awake now and your time is up.