Taxpayers Are Shelling Out $85K For Chris Christie's Portrait

Brittany M. Hughes | April 19, 2018
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If Republicans are the party of small government and lower spending, Chris Christie may want to look into becoming an Independent. Because according to reports, New Jersey taxpayers are shelling out $85,000 for his portrait.

Australian artist Paul Newton will paint the former New Jersey governor’s likeness to the tune of $85k, more than the cost of the portraits for the past three New Jersey governors combined, the AP reports.

“Democrats Jon Corzine, Richard Codey and Jim McGreevey spent a combined $74,500 for theirs. None served for two terms,” the report explains.

Now granted, Christie’s portrait doesn’t come close to the $500,000 taxpayers shelled out for the Obamas’ paintings, which were revealed in February.

Still, $85 grand isn’t exactly couch cushion change, particularly for a state that’s more than $200 million in debt.

We can only hope the painting won’t be of Christie sitting in a lawn chair on a beach. Once was enough, thanks.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)