Taste Of Rage: 'Are You Going To Pay My Rent?' CA Biz Owner Explodes Over COVID Regulations

Eric Scheiner | December 15, 2020
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A California restaurant owner gave a couple of health department workers a piece of his mind when they cited him for refusing to close his doors on Monday.

Video from the Daily Caller shows Anton Van Happen, the owner of the restaurant ‘Nick The Greek’ sounding off on officials enforcing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID 19 orders.

“I followed the rules, I continue to follow the rules - and you guys still time after time are giving me citations- telling me I have to close my business,” Van Happen says.

“Are you going to pay my rent?” he asks them.

The video was livestreamed by Jorge Ventura Media, who tweeted that shortly after the incident, Van Happen received some good news from a supporter all the way from Alaska.