Taste Of Defeat? PA Gov. Vows To Appeal After Restaurant Wins In Court Against His COVID Closures

Eric Scheiner | October 21, 2020
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A Pennsylvania restaurant that was fined more than $10,000 for reopening against Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 lockdown orders has been found not guilty.

In May the Taste of Sicily in Palmyra, reopened their doors after being shutdown for two months. The owners, Michael Mangano and Christine Wartluft, left it up to the customers (GASP!) if they wanted to socially distance or wear a mask.

The decision led to the establishment facing nearly $10,000 in state citations for breaking Gov. Wolf’s COVID closure orders.

The owners vowed they would not pay and took the issue to court. Judge Carl Garver ruled the family business was unconstitutionally cited and the restaurant was found not guilty.


“We’ll be appealing that,” Wolf said at a press conference Monday. "I haven't really had a chance to look at the ruling so I'm not sure what the logic was of that."

Just the logic of the Constitution. So, he probably won't like it.

“This is just awesome,” Mangano said in a Facebook video about the ruling. 


“You see we stood up for our liberty and our freedom – that we enjoy as Americans, we knew what the governor and ( PA Secretary of Health Rachel) Levine were doing was unconstitutional and man, here we are.”

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