Target Reconsiders Value of Conservative Market, Agrees to Carry Levin’s ‘Offensive’ Book

Craig Bannister | July 6, 2023
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UPDATE: After refusing to carry Mark Levin's new book, because liberal customers might be offended, Target has decided to sell the seven-time #1 New York Times bestselling author's latest offering.

On Thursday, Levin announced Target's about-face on Twitter, crediting and thanking his fans and advocates of free speech and market capitalism:

"Target is refusing to carry the latest book by Mark Levin, author of seven straight #1 New York Times bestsellers, because some customers might be offended – but it has no problem selling children’s books offensive to customers who don’t buy into Leftist gender ideology."

On Wednesday, Levin tweeted the news of Target’s decision to boycott his new book, “The Democrat Party Hates America”:

“Target has informed my publisher, Simon & Schuster, that it will not carry my new book when it is released on September 19.  It claims that certain customers might be offended by the title.  Imagine that!  So, the corporatist leftwing censorship begins.  I will discuss this in more detail on this evening's radio show.  However, I'd like to encourage you to go to and pre-order your discounted copies.  Let's send a big message and drive pre-order sales way up on Amazon's list.  Thank you!

“Target will not carry THE DEMOCRAT PARTY HATES AMERICA because it might offend Democrats.  Pathetic,” Levin followed up, adding that “Target is certainly free to do as it wishes. And so are we. A final good riddance to woke corporatists.”

Reacting to Thursday's news of Target's reversal, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell tweeted that it is “Excellent to see Target cave to conservative customers." Maybe they’re not so stupid after all!“ Bozell added.

Target may be afraid to carry books that might offend Democrats, but it doesn’t seem to have a problem carrying titles offensive to others.

Advertisements for children’s books attacking and trying to dispel beliefs in the traditional family unit and biologically-determined gender are proudly displayed on

Radical-leftist, sexual-indoctrination books currently advertised by Target include:

“Bye Bye Binary” is about a baby who refuses to conform to a certain gender:

“Our little bundle of joy has arrived--to dismantle gender norms!

“A joyful baby refuses to conform to the gender binary and instead chooses toys, colors, and clothes that make them happy. This tongue-in-cheek board book is a perfect tool to encourage children to love what they love and is also a great baby shower gift for all soon-to-be-parents.”

“The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish” The title alone is enough to make you cringe:

“Written by a founding member of the nationally recognized Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH), this playful picture book offers a quirky twist on a classic nursery rhyme by illustrating all of the ways to ‘work it’. The story plays off ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ as it follows a drag queen who performs her routine in front of an awestruck audience.”

“Daddy, Papa, and Me,” tells a story about a toddler and “its” life with two dads, apparently featuring a “bath time” scene:

“Rhythmic text and illustrations with universal appeal show a toddler spending the day with its daddies. From hide-and-seek to dress-up, then bath time and a kiss goodnight, there's no limit to what a loving family can do together.”

“Love is love,” with a rainbow heart on the cover, frames disapproval of LGBT ideology as discrimination and teaches kids that there are “different kinds of normal.”

“When a boy confides in his friend about bullies saying he doesn't have a real family, he discovers that his friend's parents--a mom and a dad--and his two dads are actually very much alike.

“Dr. Michael Genhart's debut story is the perfect resource to gently discuss discrimination with kids. This sweet and straightforward story shows that gay families and straight families and everything in between are all different kinds of normal.”

Either Target doesn’t think books like these might offend some customers – or it just doesn’t care if they do.

Levin's "The Democrat Party Hates America" goes on sale September 19, 2023.




Editor's Note: Sarah Prentice contributed to this report.