Target Donates to Movement Pushing to Destroy Mount Rushmore

Sarah Prentice | June 8, 2023
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You may have seen Target in the news recently for receiving tons of backlash over its crazy decision to partner with a Satanist to design their LGBTQ "Pride" collection, which also features "tuck-friendly" swimsuits and "gender-neutral" paraphernalia for kids.

Well, Target strikes again with another woke decision.

The retail chain has reportedly donated funds to a group that is calling to close down Mount Rushmore, because apparently it is a symbol of “white supremacy” and “colonization.” 

According to Fox News Digital, The Target Foundation's 2021 tax filing shows that they signed a grant for as much as $50 million to a group called the "NDN Collective." On NDN’s website, they describe themselves as “an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power…through organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking, capacity-building and narrative change.”

The group also launched a campaign called LANDBACK, which advocates for America giving up its public land to indigenous groups. 

“We are on the verge of what could be a revolutionary moment,” said Krystal Two Bulls, LANDBACK's campaign director, on the group’s website. 

“Truth is, that all systems and institutions of oppression that uphold white supremacy were built on top of stolen land by stolen people; so to truly achieve racial justice and move into a revolutionary moment, we have to talk about how racial injustice on this continent began with settler colonialism, the theft of Indigenous lands, and the genocide of Indigenous people," she added.

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Through the efforts of the LANDBACK campaign, NDN wishes to eradicate an important part of American history: Mount Rushmore.

“Mount Rushmore is an international symbol of white supremacy… we have to look long and hard at how this national monument in the Black Hills upholds and maintains white supremacy on Indigenous lands,” said Nick Tilsen, NDN Collective President and CEO.

“Our LANDBACK efforts started at Mount Rushmore …in demanding that Mount Rushmore be shut down as a national monument and that all public lands in the Black Hills be returned to Indigenous people.”

It is a ludicrous idea that Mount Rushmore can be a symbol of white supremacy and racism when one of the faces on the famous carving is of Abraham Lincoln, the president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation and brought an end to slavery in the U.S.

This lack of patriotism and a lack of a true understanding of American history is sincerely disheartening. But this is who the Left is: a league of evil people with the intention of eradicating American history and values, hiding it all behind virtue-signaling and human rights causes.

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