Is 'Tanface' a Cancelable Offense? Alyssa Milano Faces the Outrage Mob for 2013 Parody Video

Nick Kangadis | July 20, 2020

Cancel culture is out of control. Sure it’s funny when the left — who are the primary proprietors of the cancel movement — eat their own. But, ridiculous is ridiculous, and no matter what the left says, context does matter.

Recently, actress and leftist “activist” Alyssa Milano came under fire for what some called her use of “blackface” in a 2013 Funny or Die video. Milano vehemently defended herself at in a Twitter post at the end of June.

Here’s video of the Funny or Die video in question:


As you can see from the title of the video, Milano was NOT using “blackface,” but instead was using “tanface” to make fun of the cast of the MTV shot “Jersey Shore.” Milano even explained the use of coloring her skin in a recent Instagram Live post, according to The Daily Mail.

“I did do a parody of “Jersey Shore” on Funny or Die where I played — I came in like this, light-skinned [pointing to her face with her natural complexion] — and then makeup transformed me into Snooki [Nicole Polizzi],” Milano told interviewer Ziwe Fumudoh. “And my take was a…how I felt that show was representing Italian-Americans.”

Now, there’s plenty to make fun of or point at that Milano does or says on an almost daily basis. As Alana Mastrangelo pointed out for Breitbart, Milano blames the majority of cancel culture on the “right/Putin.”


Okay, so Milano isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. But she didn’t use blackface in the instance in question.

The biggest criticism to be given to Milano here is her outrage at the outrage culture the left is known for carrying out on pretty much everyone. It’s funny when cancel culture comes for them, the left still deflects blame from themselves — the people actually canceling others.