Taliban Attack Kills At Least 69 People In Afghanistan

Nick Kangadis | October 17, 2017
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While people are celebrating a U.S.-backed forces victory against ISIS terrorists in Raqqa, Syria, there is still clearly a lot of work to do.

Reuters reported Tuesday that the Taliban terrorist group -- and let’s not call them militants, like Reuters -- attacked government targets in Afghanistan “killing at least 69 people, including a senior police commander, and wounding scores of others.”

According to Reuters:

The deadliest attack hit a police training centre attached to the police headquarters in Gardez, main city of Paktia province.

Two Taliban suicide car bombers paved the way for a number of gunmen to attack the compound, officials and militants said. At least 21 police officers were killed, including the Paktia provincial police chief, with 48 others wounded, according to government officials.

The attack comes one day after a spokesman for the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said that “major military operations in Raqqa are finished” concerning ISIS.

It seems as though the Taliban is attempting to reassert its will in the international community. No matter what radical terrorist organization these crazies belong to, they will find a way to inject their ideological venom into society and disrupt peaceful people’s everyday lives.