The System Failed Kate Steinle, and It Does So Every Single Day

Brittany M. Hughes | December 1, 2017
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News that Kate Steinle’s killer had been acquitted – not only of murder, but of involuntary manslaughter – rocked the web late Thursday night, shocking millions of Americans over what ostensibly should have been a slam-dunk case for the prosecution.

But as the final verdict came down for Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, we learned with horrified amazement that in 2017 San Francisco, a five-times deported illegal alien can return to the U.S. illegally, commit a slew of serious crimes, be released from prison, steal a gun from a federal agent, discharge it in public in broad daylight and kill an innocent young woman who then bled out in her stunned father’s arms, and that's A-O.K.

But God forbid you misgender a trans woman – that could easily net you prison time in the Golden State.

Unfortunately, this is hardly the first tragic and vomit-inducing consequence of a broken immigration system that is not only completely ignored by aliens themselves, but is daily failed by our own leaders.

Case in point: a state immigration attorney in Indianapolis plead guilty this week for immigration fraud – but only after he’d managed to file 250 fraudulent claims for his immigrant clients. According to the DoJ, 45-year-old Joel Paul submitted fraudulent U-visa applications to the federal government, falsely claiming that his clients were victims of crimes and had provided information to law enforcement in exchange for temporary visas. The DoJ notes Paul charged his clients about $3,000 per application.

Paul got away with his scheme for four years between 2013 and 2017 and had filed 250 false applications before the federal government finally nabbed him.

Perhaps the quickest and easiest culprit for which we blame our mass illegal immigration crisis is the illegal alien himself – the one who crosses the border repeatedly knowing the illegality of his actions, or the one who overstays his visa fully cognizant of his choice. That’s the easiest offender to denounce. And that’s valid.

But perhaps even guiltier are those within the American justice system itself that permit such mass-scale abuse. It’s the judge who turns a blind eye to thousands of illegal alien teens passing through his courtroom with no reasonable credible asylum claim, but who enrolls them in our public schools anyway. It’s the local police chief whose community is littered with the bodies of dead teens hacked up by MS-13 gang bangers, but who still refuses to question an arrestee’s immigration status. It’s the city councilman who demands local law enforcement release violent criminal aliens back onto our city streets, because his re-election campaign is more important than American lives.

It’s the attorney who files hundreds of false visa claims for his own profit, and the federal immigration system that’s so big, so blundering and inept that it allows his scheme to go undetected for years.

An illegal alien shot and killed Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco. But ultimately, he’s not the one who failed her. Our government did.

And it does so every. Single. Day.