Syrian Refugees Catch Bombing Suspect in Germany

Tyler McNally | October 16, 2016
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A potential bombing threat in Germany was thwarted after three Syrian refugees captured the alleged suspect before police officially detained him. The subject of a nationwide manhunt, 22-year old Syrian refugee Jaber Albakr was suspected of working with Islamic extremists to detonate an explosive device at a Berlin airport.

After escaping authorities at his apartment in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, Albakr was ultimately apprehended by three fellow refugees in Leipzig, approximately 50 miles from Chemnitz. The Providence Journal reports that the three refugees had arrived in Germany with Albakr in 2015 seeking asylum. 

German authorities found the same type of explosive used during the attacks on Paris and Brussels, TATP, in Albakr's apartment during the initial raid. The Providence Journal writes, "The explosives were destroyed Saturday in a controlled detonation by bomb squad experts in a pit dug outside the five-story apartment building because they were considered too dangerous to transport."

Wednesday, two days after being apprehended and handed-over to authorities, Albakr killed himself in his cell in a Saxony detention center. He hung himself using his shirt, German officials say Albakr had not been deemed a suicide risk.

His death brings much criticism from various political groups in Germany for the lack of protection for both Albakr and others in the detention center, with a leader of an opposition party saying, "It looks as if Saxony lacks any capacity to fight terrorism professionally."

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