Swoosh Hypocrisy: Nike Hypes Women’s Hoops Team, Abuses Its Female Runners

Jay Maxson | August 23, 2021

Crikey, Nike strikes another hypocritical blow for woke social justice nonsense. Its new video promotes gay women and the USA women’s Olympic basketball team, while slamming patriarchy as “ancient history.” Nike is also attempting to deflect attention away from its support for China and for abusing its own women’s track team.

In the video, an unidentified girl walks into a school classroom and explains that she’s about to make a presentation on “The Greatest Dynasty Ever.” It’s not going to be any of the teams you might conjure up.

“I refuse to talk about the ancient history and drama. That’s just the patriarchy,” the woke girl states. She doesn’t look up to any men’s sports dynasties. They don’t have the right social justice stuff. The woke student elaborates on her view of what constitutes a real dynasty:

“Instead, I’m going to talk about a dynasty that I actually look up to: women’s dynasty, women of color, gay women, women who fight for social justice, women with a jump shot, a dynasty that makes your favorite men’s basketball, football and baseball teams look like amateurs, a dynasty with fire braids, a dynasty with sick style, a dynasty with crazy dimes, a dynasty that makes Alexander the Great look like Alexander the okay …”

The dynasty this girl idolizes is one that’s gone undefeated for 25 years, since 1996. It’s the USA national women’s basketball team with its seven consecutive gold medals.

Almost half the 2021 USA women’s Olympic team members were lesbians. The list includes Sue Bird (Megan Rapinoe’s main squeeze), Britney Griner, Breanna Stewart, Diana Taurasi and Chelsea Gray. LGBT is the predominant culture on USA Olympic teams like women’s basketball and soccer. Which makes them super woke.

Most importantly for our anonymous Nike ad pitch girl, these are the women that made it possible for girls like her “to feel like they can be a part of whatever dynasty they want. The greatest dynasty ever.”

Seven consecutive Olympic medals is undoubtedly an impressive streak. But just because this team is out and loud and woke doesn’t earn them any more points than the Boston Celtics totally dominating the NBA throughout the decade of the Sixties. Or the 1949-53 World Series champion Yankees. Or the Montreal Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup in 1971, '73, '76, '77, '78 and '79. Or John Wooden’s fabulous UCLA basketball powerhouse.

Timing is everything here. Nike needs to direct attention away from its shameful silence on its freedom-killing commie pals in China. Throwing around a bunch of woke platitudes to please social justice warrior friends is that ticket. They’ll eat it up, for sure.

This video aside, Nike has plenty of skeletons in its closet regarding shabby treatment of female athletes. HBO’s Real Sports exposed the Swoosh a few months back for treating its women’s distance runners like garbage. I wrote about it here in January.

David Scott’s Real Sports report was an indictment of Nike’s Oregon Project and its obsession with winning. The distance running training program was temporarily shut down after its coach, Alberto Salazar, received a four-year ban for doping violations. Former team members accused Nike of abuse, using them as guinea pigs with performance enhancing drugs, shaming them for their weight and pregnancies and engaging in physical torment. All in the name of winning.

In the latest Nike ad campaign, the public is falsely being led to believe that Nike is a champion of women’s sports. Praising the women’s Olympic basketball team does nothing to cover up Nike’s sins.