Swiss Man Accused of Terrorist Sympathies After His Jack Daniel’s Flag Was Mistaken For an ISIS Flag

ashley.rae | October 3, 2017
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A man in Switzerland is being accused of being a terrorist sympathizer after his Jack Daniel’s flag was mistaken for an ISIS flag.

The Local reports the 29-year-old Zurich resident hoisted a Jack Daniel's flag on top of an Italian flag outside of his home two months ago. Since the Jack Daniel’s flag features white writing on a black flag just like the ISIS flag, the owner claims he has received questions about whether he actually sympathizes with terrorism.

A translation of reports the resident said he put up the Jack Daniel’s flag because he found the flag funny. reports the resident received a letter that asked, “Should we be afraid of you. Are you an IS-sympathizer?” in his mailbox.

The Daily Mail claims the man said he was “completely flabbergasted” when he received the note.

“I talked to the neighbours but no-one knows anything about it," he reportedly said. “We want to address the responsible person or persons. When it is wrongly told that we are supporters of ISIS, it is defamation.”

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