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Suzanne Somers Jokes 'My Career is Over' After Praising Trump


At the end of the day, it would benefit a lot of us if we could develop a sense of humor about all the political division going on in this country.

A good example might be comments made by actress Suzanne Somers over the weekend as she was leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles, when a TMZ camera guy asked her for her thoughts on Trump.

"I'm happy about him [Trump]," Somers said. "Yeah, I am."

When pressed further about what she might be happy about concerning Trump, Somers brought up the strength of the current economy.

"I'm happy that the economy's doing so much better," Somers told TMZ.

The TMZ cameraman seemed surprised and even praised Somers for her support for Trump, to which Somers responded with a pretty funny (but telling) joke.

"That's cool to hear, you know, someone say that in Los Angeles, because it's a very opposing side to take," TMZ's cameraman said to Somers.

"Very rare, and now my career is over," Somers joked.

Somers knows the deal. The Hollywood cult doesn't take too kindly to those that don't automatically agree with their progressive ideology. Just ask Tim Allen.

To see the Somers clip, watch below:

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