Survey: Gender Does Not Account for Compensation Differences in Tech

ashley.rae | April 12, 2016
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New data reveal gender does not play a role in compensation differences between men and women working in the technology industry.

According to Dice’s annual survey of more than 16,000 people working in technology fields, individuals with the same level of education, years of experience, and job title do not experience salary differences that can be attributed to gender.

However, Bob Melk, the president of Dice, notes, “When it comes to compensation satisfaction, primary motivators and career concerns, all of which greatly impact overall job satisfaction and career growth, there are clear differences by gender.”

Dice’s salary survey reveals employers offered men and women different motivators.

While more men were offered increased compensation than women, more women were offered telecommuting options and flexible work hours than men.

“This slight variance in motivators serves as a reminder that each professional is different and responds to a range of incentives,” Melk states. “Beyond providing competitive compensation, employers must look at other key drivers such as challenging assignments and flexibility with work hours and location.”

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