Survey Finds One In Five U.S. Millennials Don't Know What the Holocaust Was

Brittany M. Hughes | April 12, 2018
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A new poll released Thursday shows a shocking lack of basic knowledge about the Holocaust among Americans, particularly those between 18 and 30.

The survey, released by the Claims Conference on Holocaust Remembrance Day, found a full 11 percent of Americans, including a stunning 22 percent of Millennials, didn’t know or were unsure of what the Holocaust even was.

Of the 1,350 American adults polled by phone on online, a full 41 percent couldn’t correctly identify what Auschwitz was, including a whopping two-thirds of Millennials.

It gets worse. From the Jerusalem Post’s breakdown of the study:

While approximately six million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust, nearly one-third of all Americans (31%) and over four in every 10 Millennials (41%) believed that two million Jews or less were killed during the Holocaust.

Almost half of US adults (45%) and Millennials (49%) could not name one of the over 40,000 concentration camps and ghettos in Europe during the Holocaust.

Moreover, most Americans (80%) had not visited a Holocaust museum.

Nearly two out of three Americans polled said they didn’t realize the Holocaust had also occurred in Poland, home of the infamous (or so we thought) Warsaw Ghetto.

With numbers like these, it’s no wonder so many young Americans are in the tank for disarming the populace and ushering in a full government takeover.

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