Surreal: Pelosi Sends Ukraine Best Regards From Former Tennis Pro?

Jay Maxson | March 10, 2022
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Imagine being the leader of a nation fighting for its very survival and having to take time to speak with Nancy Pelosi? But Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had to, and he must have come away scratching his head. Nutty Nancy told that Zelensky that retired tennis great Billie Jean King sends her best regards. The Speaker of the House is totally disconnected from Ukraine's overwhelming crisis. 

Speaker Pelosi on Wednesday told reporters, “When I spoke to President Zelensky, I said, Billie Jean King sends you her regards and wanted to know how she could help.” Yeah, that sounds like something Pelosi, who in the most bizarre fashion also stood up and rubbed her fists together during the recent State of the Union speech, would do.  

President Zelenskyy was too preoccupied to notice, but earlier Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol building, there was a special celebration of the 50th anniversary of Title IX. It was part of a Women’s History Month observance. King, who attended and posed for a photo with Speaker Pelosi, tweeted: 

“Title IX is vitally important to the success of women in education, in sports & in the professional world. Let’s work together to preserve it for the next 50 years!” 

That's nice, except that LGBT people like King are demanding that men be allowed to play on women’s sports teams, shoving women to the bench and threatening their scholarship opportunities. But at least King is in her wheelhouse here. Why Pelosi thought King's good wishes would mean anything to Zelensky is anybody's guess.

The Twittersphere erupted with hilarious comments on Pelosi’s cluelessness. Here’s a brief sample. 

Fox News hostess Tammy Bruce wrote: “Inexplicably idiotic.” 

Big Fish: “No wonder why no one takes the United States seriously these days.” 

Dr. Richard Harambe, a professor of food sciences and political science, posted a photo of President Zelenskyy on the phone saying, “That’s right, you heard me, send us Billie Jean King.” 

Gerry Callahan, host of the Callahan podcast, tweeted: “Mixed emotions for Zelensky: Russians hit squads are after him, missiles are landing around him, half his country is in flames ... BUT BILLIE JEAN KING SAYS HI! At least he's got that going for him.” 

Unfortunately, B.J. King won’t have time to fight Russians. She is way too busy shilling for LGBTQABCDEFG causes. She aimed her verbal artillery – not at Russia – but at U.S. states passing laws preventing males from ruining the integrity of women’s sports. In 2020, she and several other alphabet comrades sent a letter to the NCAA demanding punishment for Idaho, which passed a bill into law aiming to end the transgender hoax in the spud state. 

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“There is no place in any sport for discrimination of any kind,” King said. “I’m proud to support all transgender athletes who simply want the access and opportunity to compete in the sport they love. The global athletic community grows stronger when we welcome and champion all athletes – including LGBTQI+ athletes.” 

That is music to nutty Nancy’s -- whoops!, the speaker of the House’s -- ears. Last November she issued a statement saying in recognition of Transgender Day of Remembrance: “This year in particular, our transgender neighbors and loved ones have endured a heartbreaking and accelerating campaign of violence and persecution: children targeted by a tide of hateful legislation, women of color suffering a spike of horrific attacks.  Proudly, Democrats have long stood shoulder to shoulder with LGBTQ activists to advance the cause of full equality for all ... .”  

This is scary stuff when the speaker of the House is just two heartbeats away from the Oval Office and is more concerned about “hateful” U.S. states and believes an aging former tennis player can help Ukraine with transgender issues in his war-torn nation.