Surprise! Hillary Changes Position On Public Gatherings – To Attack Trump

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 15, 2020
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How could this be?

Hillary Clinton, inconsistent?

It sure looks that way. As the staff reports, the former First Lady, Senator (from her “beloved” New York), and Secretary of State (don’t mention Benghazi), Tweeted at 11:30 AM on June 12 to express her support for Black Lives Matter marchers, offering a New York Times chart of surveyed support for protest activity, and writing:

This chart tells an incredible story of the power of Black Lives Matter as a mass movement. Your fellow Americans are hearing you. Keep marching.


Just a half-hour later, at 12:03 PM, Mrs. Clinton showed a different position on public gatherings – if they don’t fit her approved notion of motivation for the gatherings. She Tweeted a message in response to NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell posting a notice for an Oklahoma Trump gathering that asked people to voluntarily assume any risks associated with COVID19 should they attend a rally.

Mrs. Clinton’s position on public gatherings turned much, much colder:

If your rallies come with a liability waiver, you shouldn’t be holding them.

So, evidently, the impetus for concern when it comes to this virus – a virus that’s seen Mrs. Clinton don a black surgical mask emblazoned with the word “VOTE” in her inspiring Twitter profile pic – depends not on the virus, or the social-distancing the politicians keep telling us is so important, but on the REASON for the gathering.

Want to open your business?


Want to protest a government shut-down of the Bill of Rights in your state?


Wanna march with Black Lives Matter, defy “social-distancing” rules and possibly target innocent people for wrongdoing in a twisted adoption of the same tactic BLM claims police often use against minority targets?

Yeah, that’s happened, and not solely to businesses that have been targeted by looters. In Vancouver, BLM marchers twice surrounded and attacked peace advocate and YouTube producer Dan Dicks, never even knowing that he has made numerous videos documenting police wrongdoing, even as they called him a Nazi, which, of course, he is not.

Did police stop the attackers? No. They arrested Dan.

So, evidently, peaceful gatherings, or those asking for the government to leave them alone and not punish them for opening their businesses and enjoying time together outside are not worthy of Hillary’s support.

But BLM protests, which occasionally turn violent, or are infiltrated by violent elements, or are goaded into violence by other elements – possibly including police errors at the scenes – are laudable, and are impervious to that virus against which she fights: COVID19.

What could explain this seeming double-standard?

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton is ill. Sure, she has that mask, but, perhaps she’s suffering from the shock of having “lost” her 33,000 e-mails that she’d hosted on her own server contrary to US policy…

Or, perhaps Hillary is too busy missing her long-departed hero, mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary, after whom she said she was named, despite him not becoming famous for climbing Mount Everest until after she turned six years old

Or, perhaps she is suffering from a reaction to too much hot sauce, since, as she once claimed while pandering to a political audience, she carries it in her purse

Or, perhaps Mrs. Clinton is dwelling on those terrifying memories of landing under sniper fire in Bosnia – sniper fire she never experienced, but claimed she did.

Whatever the reason, it’s probably really, really good. Just like all her other reasons for being inconsistent and hypocritical.

They’re always good reasons. Just like all the reasons and excuses she and so many politicians spew at us to supposedly justify their attacks on our fundamental rights.

So keep marching, Hillary. On your double-speak road to tyranny.

The path you tread is made that much nobler by your shameless pandering.