Sure, That'll Work: Smug AOC Dances to Angry Chants From Outraged Voters

Brittany M. Hughes | October 20, 2022
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Looks like the shine has worn off on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as her constituents seem…let’s just say, less than thrilled with the socialist Democrat congresswoman’s performance so far on Capitol Hill.

AOC, who’s been heckled by angry voters at several recent town halls, triggered more than a few questions and a pile of cringes when she danced – literally, danced – to the beat of angry "AOC has got to go" chants from the crowd at an event in Queens this week.

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At one point during the event, the lights were turned off to allow the congresswoman to briefly exit stage left. And when she came back, if you can believe it, it got worse. Finally, in an attempt to calm the crowd, the Bronx-born-but-Westchester-raised congresswoman channeled her inner Speedy Gonzalez and started speaking…well, like this.



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