Supreme Court Refuses To Block State ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ It Becomes Law

Gabriel Hays | September 1, 2021
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Everything’s bigger in Texas, especially the state’s respect for human life. 

The Lone Star state’s new “heartbeat bill,” or Senate Bill 8, got the green light from the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday, September 1. Once SB 8 becomes state law will protect all unborn children with a detectable heartbeat in the womb from all abortion procedures. Since the unborn baby’s heartbeat is present around six weeks into pregnancy, that means that all abortions in Texas will be illegal after about a month and a half into the child’s development.

Still not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good.

Buzzfeed reported on the pro-life legal win with its typical pallor of liberal lamentation, calling it “one of the strictest state abortion laws in the country, and fixated on the  Supreme Court taking “no action to block” the law and now the second largest state in the union is even more anti-choice than it was.

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And of course, SB 8 “will have the biggest impact on people who are already vulnerable.” But, they can save that complaint considering they’re not referring to the most vulnerable life which gets terminated in abortion. Buzzfeed added, “ It opens victims of abuse up to further control and would make abortion largely inaccessible for people who can’t afford to travel outside of Texas.”

And to that last point we say, “Good.” But back to the law itself. “As of 12:01 A.M. Wednesday Texas time, the justices had made no ruling on the matter,” allowing the law to go forward. There is still a “constitutional challenge pending in the lower courts,” the outlet reported, adding, “but just allowing it to go into effect … marks a monumental shift in abortion rights in the United States."

Apparently, the judges were given the case on an “emergency basis” over the weekend, but again decided not to rule against it. 

Per the write up, there are several interesting aspects to SB 8, which actually allows private citizens to help “enforce the ban.” “People who suspect a violation of SB 8 can bring a lawsuit to stop abortion providers from operating at all.” What’s more is that the individual who sues can demand a “monetary reward,” as high as $10,000 or more for “statutory damages.” 

Buzzfeed seemed to be implying this is some sort of snitch system, and wrote about abortion advocates who are saying this will incentivize “anti-abortion” vigilantes. Though we can’t help see this as citizens being given the legal power to report and or block the taking of innocent lives. Perhaps this will ensure that abortion clinics don’t get away with illegal baby-killing.

The piece added that the ban doesn’t apply to “medical emergencies” but it still bars abortion even in the case of rape or incest. Yeah, we can see how this will trigger a massive liberal meltdown. But so be it. God Bless Texas for protecting the unborn.