Supply Chain Crisis: Diesel Nat'l Avg. Hits All-Time High as Trucking Industry Suffers

Nick Kangadis | May 2, 2022
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Wondering why there are not only supply chain shortages affecting store shelves but also issues impacting the cost of the goods that do make it to stores? It’s the seemingly intentional raising of diesel fuel prices.

The national average of the cost of a single gallon of diesel hit an all-time high on Sunday, reaching $5.296 on Sunday, as reported by Fox News. The bigger problem with that is there’s no end in sight.

That same record high price of diesel went up another two-and-a-half cents from Sunday to Monday, ending up at a national average of $5.321/gal., according to AAA.

This is directly impacting the price Americans have been paying and will continue to pay at grocery stores and other businesses for goods. But perhaps the biggest impact that most people rarely take into account is the lifeblood of our supply chain, truckers.

“If it goes any higher than this, and the price of the load not coming up, then we just call it quits,” Maitland Trucking employee Michal Agboire told WNCN.

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It’s not clear if Agboire was speaking even slightly in hyperbole or if he was dead serious. Either way, it’s something that the federal government doesn’t seem to be too concerned by as long as they can continue their push to force everyone in electric vehicles.

As for regular gas, the price stayed stagnant for a while after reaching all-time highs back in March. But the national average price for a gallon of regular gas has begun to rise once again, reaching $4.194/gal. on Monday.

For context, that’s an increase of a little over seven cents in a week.

Here’s the chart from AAA:


If the Biden regime isn’t careful, and they usually aren’t, they’re going to have a difficult convincing anyone that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for the rising prices of…well, everything.

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