Suburban Chicago Teacher Files Federal Lawsuit Against School District for Requiring 'Anti-Racist Training,' 'Divisive' Curriculum

Nick Kangadis | July 2, 2021
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A middle school drama teacher in north suburban Chicago is suing the school district she works in for discrimination because of the district’s race-based curriculum.

Stacy Deemar filed a lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday alleging that Evanston/Skokie School District 65 for violating federal law by “conditioning individuals to see each other’s skin color first and foremost, then pitting different racial groups against each other,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

According to the Tribune:

The complaint says the district’s anti-racist training requires teachers “to accept that white individuals are loud, authoritative … (and) controlling” and “to understand, ‘To be less white is to be less racially oppressive.’”[…]

Deemar says the district has discriminated against her and created a hostile work environment through segregated staff meetings and race-based policies. She seeks to have the district “remedy the effects of the unconstitutional, illegal, discriminatory conduct” alleged in the lawsuit.

A spokeswoman for the district told the Tribune, at the time of publication, that they had not yet been served a copy of the lawsuit and, therefore, had no comment.

The lawsuit itself claims the curriculum puts different race “in conflict” and divides students and teachers based on “divisive stereotypes.”

“Fostering racial identities, promoting the idea that they are in conflict, and perpetuating divisive stereotypes pits teachers and children against one another based on the color of their skin,” the lawsuit says. " …They teach them that their whole identity comes from the color of their skin. They teach them to hate each other. They teach them not only how to be racist, but that they should be racist.”

The Tribune writer who wrote the article took an editorial stance and downplayed the connection between the curriculum and Critical Race Theory, which the writer wrote is an “inaccurate label.”

“The lawsuit is the latest broadside against educational policies that address racism and inequity, often lumped under the inaccurate label “critical race theory,”” writer John Keilman wrote.

Critical Race Theory, or whatever the school board thinks they’re using to teach children, is racist on its own merit. The curriculum flies in the face of what the late Dr. Martin Luther King espoused, which was to judge people based on the “content of their character” and not on the color of their skin.

It’s a sad day when it can basically be proven that public schools have become nothing more than indoctrination centers for revisionist historians.

For video of local coverage of this story, watch below: