Suburban Chicago School Board Member Goes BALLISTIC on Speaker for Not Wearing Mask

Nick Kangadis | February 16, 2022
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This one hits close to home for yours truly, and it actually doesn’t surprise me in the least considering the prevailing political ideology of the area.

A north suburban Chicago school board member cussed out a speaker at a meeting on Monday, because he wasn’t wearing a mask.

It was local man Mark Weyemuller’s turn to speak at a Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education meeting, but the reception he got from the board was anything but professional and befitting people who only have their jobs because of taxpayers like Weyermuller.

After he approached the podium and was getting ready to speak, Weyemuller took his mask off. Apparently, that was a major no-no for the Glenbrook board, because they repeatedly interrupted him until it escalated to the point they had to call a five minute recess.

The moderator of the meeting kept their composure and called on Weyermuller to put his mask back on. Weyermuller then explained that he has an exemption, and he had to take his mask off in order to “articulate” his words better.

“Should I stop my clock?” Weyermulley asked. “I can’t — President Biden and [Illinois Democratic Gov.] J.B. Pritzker both speak without a mask. ... And I do have an exemption. Will you allow me to speak? Please, I’m not going to interrupt you when you speak.”

Finally, the moderator allowed Weyermuller to speak without a mask since he had an exemption. That’s when authoritarian school board member, identified as Joel Taub, piped in and accosted Weyermuller for not wearing a mask.

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The Blaze transcribed the interaction between Taub and Weyermuller:

Taub: Are you gonna let him speak without a mask?

Moderator: Well, he’s got a medical exemption.

Weyermuller: Now he’s interrupting me. I mean, you guys are rude!

Taub: How do we know? How do we know?

Weyermuller: Do I get to speak or not? Do I get to speak? (gesturing to Taub) Who’s this? Are you the mask police? Can I speak or not?

Moderator: We’ll let you speak, just one moment, please. Mr. Taub, did you have a question?

Weyermuller, referencing Taub: Is he in charge?

Taub to Weyermuller: Are you in charge?

Moderator: No, Mr. Taub...

Weyermuller: I’m speaking. It’s public comment. (to moderator) You said at the beginning of the meeting you would not be rude to people.

Taub to Weyermuller: Are you in charge? Are you in charge? Are you in charge?

Moderator: Enough.

Taub to Weyermuller Are you in charge?

Moderator: Mr. Taub, Mr. Taub.

Weyermuller: We should remove him. I mean, this is rude.

Moderator: We’ll start your two minutes now, sir.

Taub to moderator: This is not what you promised. You said if they don’t wear a mask, they can’t speak.

The sheeple in the audience applauded Taub’s remark, but that’s when Taub lost his ever-loving mind.

Weyermuller: I have a mask. I can wear the mask on my head if you want. I mean, it's just —

Taub: You can wear your mask on your f***ing balls! If you don’t wear the f***ing mask, you get the f*** out of here!

Moderator: Enough. Enough. We’re going to take recess for five minutes.

Taub: Get him the f*** out of the room if he can't put his f***ing mask on!

Moderator: Mr. Taub, please. ... Recess for five minutes.

Somebody seems to have forgotten to take their meds, and it wasn’t Weyermuller.

For video of the exchange, watch below: