Suburban Chicago Officer Allegedly Beaten and Strangled During Routine Traffic Stop

Nick Kangadis | July 27, 2021

Since we’re forced to hear ad nauseam about any incident involving a police officer breathing incorrectly during an altercation with — well, anyone — it should also be reported when criminals allegedly violently assault a police officer during what would’ve only amounted to a routine traffic stop.

The Aurora Police Department (APD), in the west suburbs of Chicago, released dashcam footage of an altercation in which an officer was attempting to make a traffic stop because the suspect rolled through a stop sign.

The incident occurred on June 21.

The driver pulled into a driveway and became immediately belligerent, along with two females that were with the driver in the car. One female exited the vehicle, to which the officer told her that she would be arrested for obstruction if she didn’t get back in the car.

The driver then exited the vehicle and threatened to “knock out” the officer. The driver then runs away with the officer chasing after him. The two females then chase the officer.

The assault wasn’t caught on camera. According to the report, the two females then allegedly began striking the officer and strangling him “to the point where the officer lost consciousness,” FOX 32 - Chicago reported.

When other officers responded to the scene, the officer was seen being allegedly having his breathing cut off by sitting on his head while the other female held the officer down.

If the suspects has simply complied with the officer instead of immediately and without provocation becoming combative, the worst that would’ve happened would be the driver receiving a citation for blowing through the stop sign. Now, the suspects that allegedly beat and strangled the officer have a lot more on their plate to worry about.

The driver was eventually apprehended and all three suspects are now being charged with “attempted first degree murder, aggravated battery and aggravated assault,” according to APD.

"A minor infraction that likely would have resulted in a citation at most turned into an officer fighting for his life," said Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman.

For video of the dashcam footage, along with statements from APD officials, watch below (Warning: Explicit language and violence):