Stupidity on Display: Australian Dept. of Health Can't Define 'Woman'

Nick Kangadis | April 8, 2022

Look, I understand that people — especially ones that subscribe to the pre-approved establishment narratives — are getting dumber by the year, possibly by the month, week or day. But when you can’t or won’t give a definition to one of the most basic words in any language, you should be immediately dismissed from any form of government job.

There’s a clip circulating on social media of an interaction that happened on Monday in the Australian Senate between a panel of representatives from that country’s Department of Health and South Australian Senator Alex Antic (Liberal Party).

Antic had one very simple question for the panel, and the group of “health professionals” were absolutely flabbergasted and confused at the question and unwilling to answer it.

I’m going to finish up then, because this hasn’t been very helpful with a very simple question for the department, and that is one that troubled me for a great deal of time with the bureaucracy here. Can someone please provide me with a definition of what a woman is?

After a few seconds of complete silence, Antic followed up.

“Department of Health, definition of a man, definition of a woman, anyone? Basic stuff,” Antic said.

Again, crickets until Antic called out one specific member of the panel, to which the member gave an exasperated non-answer.

The man, only identified as "Professor Murphy," said that there are a “variety of definitions” and that the subject is a “very contested space.”

No. No, it’s not.

People all over the world should be absolutely embarrassed at their own stupidity masquerading as tolerance and inclusivity — made up words to justify the tearing down of society.

I’d say “shame” to these people, but they probably couldn’t define the word.