Stupid People Alert! TikTok Moron Blames 'White People' for Her Obesity & Inability to Lose Weight

Nick Kangadis | September 13, 2022
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You ever have that feeling that while you’re away on vacation that somehow, if by a miracle of some sort, people would get more intelligent and not say as much dumb s**t as they usually do. Alas, that’s not how life works, so I’m here to tell you that — as difficult as it might seem — people are getting dumber.

Much like most losers on social media, the loser that’s the subject of our present story blames all her problems on other people, because it’s easier than taking responsibility for her own actions.

In this video, yet another mental defective blames her weight issues on white people because she doesn’t know how to put down utensils.

So this chick blathers on and on about how if white people didn’t look for spices in India she wouldn’t be fat today. If white people didn’t do this and white people didn’t do that, she would be able to lose weight. I’m not going to give you a full transcription, because most of it is just one long run-on sentence where she does what most leftist morons do — say a whole lot without saying very much at all, combined with little to no comprehension of what she’s purging out of her wordhole.

She also goes on to talk about how white people somehow caused multiple famines in the “Indian subcontinent,” which one has to perform some serious mental gymnastics to determine how that could cause her to be fat.

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Apparently, because of the malnutrition and starvation that she says “her people” went through, her “genes” speak to her about how she’s going to die.

We also wouldn’t biologically be programmed to hold onto more fat, because my genes, they always think, ‘Okay, you’re gonna die. At some point there’s gonna be a famine, you will not have food and you’re gonna die.’

We’re all going to die, sweetheart. But you know what? People who, unlike you, can fend for themselves in the wild because they were taught — at the very least — the basics of the outdoors, will survive famines. Not everyone is dependent on fast food chains for their next meal.

Here’s a life tip: If you’re that upset that you’re overweight, and you’re not losing weight, you’re either not trying hard enough or doing it wrong. Take it from a certified fat guy who knows he could lose weight if he’d just stick to the plan.

You want to blame someone? Blame no one but yourself for, not only your obesity, but your stupidity as well.


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