Stuff Your Outrage, Libs – Leftists Have Been Violent For YEARS and You Celebrated It

Brittany M. Hughes | January 8, 2021
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Yesterday, thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building to demand justice for an election they believe was fraudulently stolen from them. They assaulted police officers, broke windows, busted into the House and Senate chambers, occupied congressional offices and at the end of the day, one woman was dead. 

And next thing you know, left-wing mouthpieces and liberal politicians began rummaging through the garbage for the spines they’d tossed under Obama, coming out in droves to denounce violence and pretend like they didn’t just spend the last, oh I don’t know, decade encouraging Black Lives Matter and Antifa to beat people senseless and set fire to the country. 

So here’s the deal, plain and simple: if you turned a blind eye to the insanity, the violence and the bloodshed that ripped through our nation for months last year because your preferred group of victims called it “justice,” you don’t get to say jack all about what happened yesterday. So take several seats, and shut up, you lying, two-faced hypocrites.


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