Students Walk Out Of Class To Support Second Amendment

Eric Scheiner | April 5, 2018
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Last month the national media focused it's attention on protesting students calling for changes in gun laws - this week some high school students were rallying in support of their Second Amendment rights.

Students walked out of class at Woodland Park High School in Colorado Wednesday, in support of the Second Amendment and current gun laws.

The activists wanted to send a message, following an earlier student protest asking lawmakers to change gun laws.

"I say today it ends. Today we take back what was given to us by law and Constitution," student Garrett Niles told the crowd.

The school handled the activism in the same manner that they handled the earlier anti-gun protests.

KOAA TV reports that many students said the crowd didn't completely surprise them, but those who organized the event said they were shocked so many students came out. 

Students gave speeches, waved flags, and chanted for about a half hour, in support of gun rights. 

This demonstration not only brought out students, but parents, who wanted to support their students. 

Michael Podemski, who owns a gun shop in Woodland Park said seeing the students made him proud. 

'This day and age we've got people who are so willing to throw away their rights,' said Podemski.