Students Use Boycotts, Hashtag Activism to Avoid Stomach-Turning 'Let's Move' Lunches

Barbara Boland | November 20, 2014
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While Michelle Obama’s daughters have the #1 school lunch program in the U.S., public school students across the country are objecting to her “Let’s Move” school lunch initiative by tweeting pictures of their inedible-looking, low-cal fare.

Revolted by the new cafeteria lunch options, some students have responded by organizing boycotts. Schools have been losing money on the new healthy lunches, and new research from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that nearly 6 out of 10 students don’t touch healthy food options, even when the options are on their plate.

Judging by the looks of the plates these students tweeted, its not hard to see why.

These students are following the President's advice: when you don’t have any power, the best thing you can do is “tweet at ‘em.”










Contrast those skimpy, stomach-turning lunches with what Michelle Obama’s daughters were served for their school lunch today (from the chef-designed menu at Sidwell Friends:)

Unfortunately, this isn’t a new problem for public school students. They’ve been tweeting photos of their scaled-back lunches for months. Two years ago, high school students in Sharon Springs, Kansas even made this parody video, highlighting the plight of student athletes subjected to ‘Let’s Move’s low calorie limits.