Students Sue After Middle School Forces Them To Remove 'Let's Go Brandon' Shirts

John Simmons | April 26, 2023
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Two Michigan middle school students are taking their school district to court.

No, they aren’t mad that they don't have longer weekends or less homework. They’re mad because their school is doubling as a thought control center.

Last February, the two anonymous students who attend Tri City Middle School (TCMS) in Howard City, MI, wore t-shirts sporting the anti-Biden slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” to school. While the question of whether anyone should wear clothing with a phrase that's the G-rated version of an expletive aimed at our president, this is America, so you have the right to do it.

However, TCMS forgot that the First Amendment existed and required the two students to remove the shirts. Meanwhile, according to the free-speech advocacy group Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), the school was allowing other students to wear pride-themed clothing to go about their business uninhibited.

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This double standard in the free speech department prompted the students to seek help from FIRE, which led to the lawsuit.

"Criticism of the president is core political speech protected by the First Amendment," FIRE attorney Conor Fitzpatrick said. "Whether it’s a Biden sticker, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sweatshirt or Gay Pride T-shirt, schools can’t pick and choose which political beliefs students can express."

Harrison Rosenthal, another FIRE attorney, added that any student should be allowed to express their beliefs, not just the ones who have sold out for the woke agenda.

"These students should not only be allowed to express their political beliefs but should be encouraged to do so,” he said. America’s students must be free to exercise their constitutional rights, not just learn about them."

TCMS - or any school for that matter - should not have the authority to pick and choose what belief systems its students hold. Students are entitled to hold different worldviews even if the school does not 100 percent approve of them.

But then again, schools are just thinly disguised indoctrination centers these days.

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