Students Sign Petition to Make Jonathan Gruber Sec. of Defense

danjoseph | December 17, 2014
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By now, most of us know how Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber feels about the American voter.  He thinks that a lot of them are pretty stupid.  At least, the ones who bought into the sales pitch that he created in order to convince the American people Obamacare was a terrific idea.

But, was he right?  Are American voters really as dim-witted as Gruber thinks they are?

“I’ve heard him talk, either on YouTube or something of that nature, so I know how inspiring he is.”

In order to test that theory, I traveled to a college campus to see if I could get students to sign a petition that would ask President Obama to withdraw his current nominee for the position of Secretary of Defense and replace him with……..Jonathan Gruber! 

Watch what happens.