Students Cite Freedom of Speech - While Tearing Down 'Offensive' Fliers

Zach Montanaro | October 3, 2016
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You remember that part about free speech in the Constitution, right? How anyone has the right to freely speak and assemble - unless doing so offends some people and makes them feel uncomfortable?

No? Well, congratulations! You have a better understanding of the Constitution than some students at the University of California, Los Angeles.

As reported by Campus Reform, the group Young Americans for Freedom had put up fliers around the California campus for the event they were hosting titled “Where Feminism Went Wrong” hosted by Professor Christina Hoff, when one of the members caught two people taking the fliers down.

The student, Kevin Amador, recorded the incident:



“They told me that they were ‘offensive’ and that it is their ‘freedom of speech’ to take down our fliers,” Amador told Campus Reform. “I simply asked them if it's freedom of speech to infringe on ours, but they kept saying that it was ‘offensive.’ After I came back from a meeting, I noticed that almost all of our fliers were taken down.”

It’s pretty amazing how the two students who are taking the fliers down keep citing “freedom of speech” and yet refuse to even acknowledge the astounding hypocrisy of what they are doing directly imposing on someone else’s freedom of speech.

It’s fine, though. Freedom of speech apparently doesn’t apply if at least two students find it offensive.

The YAF group is taking it all in stride though. Their group president for the campus told Campus Reform, “Thanks to the help of Young America's Foundation, we have over 10,000 flyers ready to go to promote the lecture for Christina Hoff Sommers. We’ve decided to place 10 flyers for every one that was torn down.”

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