Still Waiting On Those Unedited Sting Videos From ABC

Stephen Gutowski | March 9, 2011

Hi ABC. In light of the new NPR sting videos and the left's shrieking about "heavy editing" and full video releases I thought to myself "hey, ABC still owes us all a bunch of full unedited video!". After all both Live Action and Project Veritas have release the full unedited video of their undercover investigations. Why not you too? Your undercover investigation of Pro-Life groups apparently took 3 months and, yet, you only released a few minutes of video. Perhaps there is something else that you left on the editing floor we all might be interested in. Here is what you've put out so far:

Where is the rest?

I know there are a lot of us out here who would like to see exactly what you left out of this *ehm* heavily edited report.